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4444xy. com  Nan-ja waves around a shaving knife in a blonde wig, black stockings4444xy and miniskirt when the sun goes down. Her aim is to slit the throats of men who have betrayed their women and made them cry. However, her true goal is to take rev.enge on Gil-soo, Jae-goo and Man-sik who made her mother bite down on bread w comhile they raped her to death. Then one day, Nan-ja finds one of the men shes looking for through a heartbroke4444xyn woman who was going to kill herself. Nan-ja kidnaps him and drags him to the basement of he4444xyr hideout where she. makes him play the trumpet. Nan-ja dances to the sound of the trumpet until she slits his throat and watch the blood spurt out from the trumpet. Her revenge has begun.

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